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Agra city is the former Hindustan capital and lies on the bank of river Yamuna in the north. The city lies 363 km to the west of Lucknow (state capital) and 200 km away from New Delhi. . The city is populous and boasts of a population of 1,686,976 people making it one of the most populous cities in India. The city is a major tourist attraction center and hosts a number of tourist attraction destinations including Taj Mahal, Agra Fort and Fatehour Sikiri. These three are world Heritage sites for UNESCO
Agra is known for its semi arid climate which is partially humid subtropical. It has mild winter, monsoon season as well as hot and dry summers. The monsoons are a little bit light making the climate more of semiarid

Agra literacy rate stands at 81 %. With the literacy of male standing at 86% and is higher than that for women. The three major religions in Agra are Hinduism, Islam and Jainism.
Agra is well served with rail with the central train line that connects Delhi and Mumbai passing through the city.  All other major states in India such as Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, kochi, jobalpur , Ujjain Jaipur , lucknow and many others can be directly connected to Agra via train. Agra Cantt is the major railway station in Agra and is plied by the interstate train which serves the western part of India.  The other small station that serves people in this city is the raja ki Mandi.  The luxury trains such as palace on wheels, the Royall Rajasthan stop in Agra with tourists who come to this city to sample its delicacies.

 The road network in this city is well developed and host a number of deports such as Ford deport, inter State Bus terminal, and Taj Depot. These are the three main bus stations in Agra that connects it to other major cities of India. The city is served with 6 major high ways which all pass through this city. From Delhi, the Mathura high way is the main road to use if you are accessing the city from Delhi airport or south of Delhi .Alternatively; one can use a modern divided highway that is approximately 200 km from Delhi.  If you are coming from Aligarh, the National Highway which is 100 km from Aligarh will link you to this city. Fromm juipur, you need to use National Highway 11 via Bharatpur which covers approximately 255 km.  From gallor, Agra can be accessed via the National Highway 3 (Agra-Mumbai highway which is approximately 120 km.
Taj Mahal of Agra (Image Reference)

After tourists have arrived at Agra Cantt railway station there are taxis which are designed in such a way that they facilitate unique sightseeing activities as they travel away from the station. Available also are buses run by the Municipal Corporation such as rick shows and autorickshaw. The autorickshaws are tempos which can take 6 people at the same time and are very economical. Since polluting vehicles are not allowed in Taj Mahal, one must then take an electric auto which is popularly referred to as Tanga. There are also the three wheel autorikshaws that are fast replacing the tempos and which are run on compressed natural gas.

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