Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Beautiful Places to Visit in Jaipur

Govt. Central Museum (Albert Hall)

This is one of the oldest museums in India and now it functions as the Rajasthan state museum. This renowned museum was built resembling London Victoria and Albert museum. It contains a wide array of portraits of Mugal kings, their paintings, woodcarvings, costumes, carpets, metal sculptures, stone, ivory as well as other arts and crafts. Albert hall museum is located in Ram Niwas Garden, south of old Jaipur and this museum building is a great exhibition of Indo-Saracenic architecture. This beautiful building was designed by architect Samuel Jacob and was declared open for everyone in 1887.  
Albert Hall
Albert Hall (Image reference)
Although there are lots of things to see in Albert Hall Museum, you are not allowed to bring a camera. It is open for everyone from 10am to 4.30 pm. It costs only 30 Indian rupees (approximately 60 cents) for a foreigner to enter into this exquisite tourist attraction.

Monkey Temple, Galta, Jaipur

Monkey Temple, Galta
Monkey Temple, Galta (Image Reference)

Pink city has lots of temples and Monkey Temple is one of those. Monkey temple is situated in the eastern part of the city, near Agra road, outside of the Galta Pol, Jaipur. The name of this holy temple tells much about what to expect out there. The best time to visit monkey temple is near sunset, at late afternoon when lots of monkeys head towards the temple. Be sure that your visit to the Galta Monkey temple would be an adventurous one. This ruinous temple is part of a bigger temple which has three holy water pools. The pools are taken over by the monkeys there and they bathe and swim in those pools. You would definitely enjoy those monkeys. The monkeys at monkey temple are very friendly and you can feed them if you wish. You would like the architectural beauty of the temple too.
Galta monkey temple is free of cost for everybody to visit anytime.

Elephant safari park, Dera Amer

Pink city is very much known for elephant rides and Dera Amer elephant safari park allows visitors to take elephant ride and this must be an exciting way of beholding the countryside of Jaipur.  This safari park is situated just behind Amber fort (a 20 minutes walking distance) under a private estate. If you got enough courage to hold your nerve, an elephant ride at this safari park could be one of the exciting experiences of your life.
Elephant safari park, Dera Amer
Dera Amer elephant safari park (Image Reference)
It takes about $130 for a daylong elephant ride, soft drinks and beer with buffet lunch. But you can be sure about the exact pricing and different packages by contacting respective authority. The elephant ride at Dera Amer Safari park would take you to the historical monuments, agricultural lands and villages and thus would give you a true understanding of the lifestyle of the local people and history of the city. Some people recommend visiting this safari park before  amber fort but I would recommend you just one thing, before and after, just take a whole day to enjoy the arrangement of Dera Amer safari. Night time elephant rides are quite popular too as you can stay in the camp of the park as well. Be sure about one thing that is your visit to this park would be completely different and exciting experience. Visiting this safari is a nice way of get away from the hustle and bustle of busy city life.

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