Saturday, August 10, 2013

The Best Place to Visit in Bharatpur (Keoladeo National Park)

Keoladeo National park, previously known as Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary, is located in Bharatpur, Rajasthan and is home of over 230 species of rare birds. This is located in the middle of Bharatpur city and very easily accessible by bus and train. The area of the national park is locally known as “Ghana”. Keoladeo National park becomes most beautiful and lively during the winter when thousands of migratory birds arrive at this Sanctuary from Siberia, Afghanistan, china and Turkmenistan.
Keoladeo National Park, Bharatpur (Image Reference)
The area was previously used as a duck-hunting place of the Maharajas of Rajasthan. In 1971, Keoladeo National park was declared as a well sheltered sanctuary.  According to some ornithologists, this is one of the richest Sanctuaries in the whole world. This park was also named as one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites in India in 1985. The presence of hundreds of species of beautiful and rare birds attracts thousands of tourists and ornithologists each year. This is completely man made and managed wildlife area and one of few national parks in India. The 29 square km reserve area of the sanctuary is a medley of wetlands, woodland swamps, woodlands and grasslands. These varied habitats are address to 379 species of floral, 366 species of birds, 13 species of snakes, 50 species of fish, 7 species of amphibian, 7 species  of turtle, 5 lizards species , and a diverse other animals.
Birds in Keoladeo National Park (Image Reference)
Tourists visiting this naturally beautiful home of birds enjoy spending their time seeing attractive country-side along with rare birds and animals. The best way to experience this sanctuary is to take a bicycle or motorbike ride.
Birds in Keoladeo National Park (Image Reference)
People call this national park in many names. Some says it “Home of Birds and Birders”, some says “Bird’s Paradise”. In fact, the city Bharatpur is known as an attractive tourist destination for its wildlife. If you visit this Bharatpur National Park, you would get the answer to the question “Why?”

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