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Jaipur, the capital and biggest city of Indian state Rajasthan, is commonly known as ‘Pink city’ for the color of walls of its buildings, forts, palaces and temples. If you have a look on the old Jaipur from a Helicopter, you would understand the reason for which it is called ‘Pink city’. Pink city Jaipur is one of the major tourist destinations in India. It is home to wonderful collection of historical buildings, events and activities. Your tour to India will be incomplete without a visit to Jaipur. If you love to visit historical places, Jaipur is the place you would really enjoy visiting.
City Palace, located at the centre of Jaipur, is the place where you would find most of wonderful historic buildings, temples and forts, thus, City Palace gets maximum concentration from the visitors and most visitors spend a major part of their trip to Jaipur at and around city palace. Hawa Mahal also known as Palace of the Wind is another attractive sight around City Palace. Among others the remarkable mediaeval observatory known as Jantar Mantar is widely visited place. Other tourist destinations in Jaipur are outside the city centre mostly few kms away, Samode Palace and Ajmer fort can be mentioned as such.
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You shouldn’t miss different bazaars (markets) of pink city Jaipur, most of these bazaars are clustered on the old Jaipur. These bazaars would tell you about normal lifestyle of general people here. Visiting south of old Jaipur, you would find one of the major thoroughfares of Jaipur Mirza Ismail (MI) road. Basically, MI road is in the main part of new Jaipur, having modern shopping malls, banks, restaurants and hotels alongside this road. You would find plenty of sights to see and things to do in this part of Rajasthan. But don’t think it like your trip is going to be all about visiting city centre of Jaipur. You can simply hire a car and head towards the Thar Desert, where you can enjoy another look of India.

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