Sunday, August 4, 2013

Shopping and Markets in Jaipur

Shopping is always an important part of traveling. Everybody likes to collect some rare things available in the place he or she is visiting, or just simply buy things as souvenir of his or her visit to a remarkable place. Besides lots of pink buildings, palaces, forts and museums, you would definitely enjoy visiting different bazaars (markets) of old Jaipur and of course you would have an amazing different experience. Bazaars of old Jaipur would give you a complete understanding of lifestyle of locals and their culture. But if you are always keen to shopping in the cities you visit, New Jaipur has number of shopping malls and markets. You would find a wide-ranging array of goods available there. Precious gemstones and other jewelries, clothes and textiles, bangles, blue pottery are name of few most trendy items in Jaipur for visitors.
Markets in Jaipur(Image Reference)
Here are top five shopping locations in Jaipur:
Anokhi: This is one of the top tourist destinations for shopping in Jaipur. You would find the best handicrafts of India here. It is renowned for its block prints and great maintenance of high quality of all its products. If you have any interest in learning block printing, you should visit Anokhi as it makes daily demonstrations and workshops for the interested people. It also includes a museum next to Amber fort.
Hot Pink: Hot Pink is the shopping place for contemporary style lovers. In this store, you would find a wide range of contemporary and colorful Indian fashions and house wares. Being initiated in 2005 by Munnu Kasliwal and Marie Taillac, Hot pink has been selling clothes and house wares of unique designs and fashions with great reputation. It has a garden setting too.
Gem Palace: this is one of the top jewelry lover’s attractions in Jaipur. The outer look of Gem palace doesn’t give any exclusive impression but when you get into this, you would certainly surprise seeing its decoration and collection of unique jewels. Its interior is just like Aladdin’s cave.  From normal vintage pieces to an exclusive collection of gold and precious stone jewelries, everything is available here.
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