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Delhi, the capital city of India or what tourists call it ‘Incredible India’ is the major entrance to the country. Delhi is a unique city which holds the combined image of the ancient Indian architecture and the modern contemporary style. The location of Delhi is planned and deliberate that numbers of empire selected this city as the centre of their domination.
India Gate Delhi(Image Reference)
Delhi has a very mature and rich history. In fact, today’s Delhi has come with the conglomeration of seven cities. The Mughals choose the city as their capital and left behind the ancient architectures that reflect their heritage. The British also selected Delhi as their capital. The inheritance of British is reflected enormously in New Delhi. The visitors will meet the history at every corner of the city.
Aesthetically the city is divided into two parts which exist contiguously. In one side there is the urban area and in the other there is the walled city often called as ‘Old Delhi’. The older part of the city reflects the traditional image of the past while the urban part is a bustling metropolis nowadays. The lifestyle of the two parts of the city is also distinct in nature. Life in New Delhi is going up to international standard these days.
As a historical city, there are lots of places in Delhi that worth visiting. Some of the must visit places are: India Gate, Red Fort, Qutub Minar, Humayun’s Tomb, Jantar Mantar, Jama Masjid, Bahai Temple, Raj Ghat etc. Delhi is also a centre for shopping. The Chandni Chowk market is a place of shopping that is famous in all over the India. At Connaught Place the small stalls besides the road are also the centre for shopping attraction. There are several global standard skyscraper shopping malls that also attract the visitor. In recent days a good number of restaurants, bars and nightclubs are being developed in New Delhi. And all these concerns are able to provide international level services.
In Delhi there are some places where the visitors may not find extra-ordinary sculpture, artistic designing or golden history of the past; but the places portrays the country, the culture and the lifestyle of India in their very own way which is simply amazing.
Connaught Place is such a point that lies in the centre of Delhi and serves the purpose of shopping of the people. The place is structured in an English design having a park in the mid-point of the mall. This park is used as picnic spot usually. The Delhi Haat is another place which is a popular market of food and crafts. Different festivals of India are celebrated in such places in a very colorful way that reflects the true picture of India.
Regarding the aesthetics, architecture, way-of-art and even the activities of people, Delhi is a city that explains India truly to the outer world. Delhi is not a mere city; rather it’s a book that introduces the visitors to the glorious past of the city.
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