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Kochi, previously known as Cochin, is located at Kerala commercial hub and serves as its financial capital. Kochi, even after being a densely populated city, is said to be one of the fastest developing cities in India. It is strategically located on the southwest cost of Indian peninsula and has a number of breathtaking tourist destinations that you would definitely love to visit.
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It is served with a world class port and an international airport which make the city easily accessible from different corners of India. The city has Ghats on its east and the beautiful Arabian Sea on its west. Kochi is a small town but with lots of attractive sceneries, it is ranked 6th most attractive and popular tourist destinations in India.
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If you are looking for a cosmopolitan and naturally beautiful city in Kerala, then Kochi which is also referred to as The Queen of the Arabian Sea is the place for you. Kochi consists of Ernakulum which is the mainland and a number of other small islands that make it a complete city. This city was predominantly inhabited by the Chinese, Portuguese, the British as well as the Dutch. This is why the city boasts of a number of synagogue, churches, temples and mosques. There are a host of activities that tourists can enjoy in this city; they include boat races, spellbinding and dance performances. There are also a number of dining options which you can enjoy too. There are hotels and resorts all meant to help you to unwind and enjoy a tranquil environment in this coastal city.
Kochi is a beautiful city with vigor and eye catching sites that you won’t really want to miss when you visit this part of the world. From the ancient times, the city attracted Arabs, the Dutch, the British and the Portuguese who left very important developments and landmarks in this city. It was a frequent destination point to the queen of the Arabian Sea who considered this city as a city owned by God.
The prime tourist destination in Kochi is spread along the Arabian Sea and its backwaters. There is a complex system of ferries link Mattancherry and forty Cochin. Other attractive site you must watch includes the brackish lagoons, Veeranpuzha Lake which is apparently Indians longest lake that is just “stunning” in a word.
Marine Drive remains one of the Cochin’s popular hangouts for both the locals and foreign tourists. This part of Kochi city boasts of shopping malls and is a very important trading center where you would virtually buy almost all the things you want. The fact that the Maine Drive makes it possible for one to view the setting and the rising sun over the sea mouth and there is a beautiful gentle breeze as you watch the sun makes the point a number one tourist attraction point in Kochi.
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