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Top Places to Visit in Bharatpur

Lohagarh Fort

Lohagarh Fort, also known as Iron Fort, is located at Bharatpur city. The fort is very easily accessible by local bus services from Agra and Jaipur road. It was built by Jat rulers of Bharatpur. Maharaja Suraj Mal applied all his wealth and power to a noble cause building several palaces and forts across his territory, Lohagarh Fort, being one of those buildings, is regarded as one of the strongest buildings built ever in the history of India. This fort is believed to be built in 1732.
Lohagarh Fort (Image Reference)

In 1805, the impregnable Lohagarh fort survived frequent attacks of British army which were led by Lord Lake and even after being laid blockade for more than 6 weeks. Losing more than 3000 of British forces, Lord Lake retreated and had to compromise with then rulers of Bharatpur. The fort has two gates; the one in the north is called as Ashtdhaatu which is an 8 pillared gate and the other facing the south is named Chowburja which is a 4 pillared gate.
Important monuments inside Lohagarh Fort include Mahal Khas, Moti Mahal, Kothi Khas Kishori Mahal, and Govt. Museum along with different towers such as Fateh Burj and Jawahar Burj all of which were built to remember the triumph over the British army and the Mughals. The front gate of the fort has huge paintings of elephants.
The architectural beauty of this strong fort attracts thousands of tourists each year. If you are on a visit to Bharatpur, Lohagarh Fort is one of the must visit places for you. Be sure you would be surprised seeing impregnable walls of the fort.

 Govt. Museum Bharatpur

Govt. Museum is situated in the centre of renowned Lohagarh Fort, containing a great array of archaeological wealth of old Bharatpur city and nearby areas. The museum is 4 four km away from nearest bus stand and railway station. The enormous lavish building Kachahari kalan was once used as the administrative building of the Kings of Bharatpur city and in 1944 it was declared as Bharatpur Government Museum. Few years later, the Kamra Khas, another adjacent architectural beauty, was declared a part of this museum.   
Govt. Museum Bharatpur (Image Reference)
It exhibits different sculptures of old Bharatpur villages found at the time of the excavation. Weapons which were used in different battles, manuscripts, paintings, zoological samples, and arts and crafts of Bharatpur and nearby areas are kept in this museum. The museum art gallery has lots of samples of miniature paintings of leafs of mica, peepal and other trees together with the artworks featuring kings of Bharatpur.   
The first floor of the museum consists of different kinds of miniature canons, guns of 18th century. The museum has a total of following 5 sections: 1. Arts and crafts, 2. Archaeology, 3. Armory 4. Gallery for children, 5. Others.
Visiting this archeologically rich museum would give you a complete understanding of the history of Bharatpur and nearby areas. Also you would be able to understand the lifestyle of the Maharajas of this area. But you need to make sure you come earlier part of the day to visit the museum as the museum is closed at 5pm and you may miss the most attractive part of the museum that is “Hammam”. Climbing to the rooftop of the museum would be a great idea to have a great view of beautiful walls of the museum building and to see the layout of the old Bharatpur.

Deeg Palace Bharatpur

Deeg is a small town of Bharatpur district and this along with Dholpur, and Bharatpur played an important role in the history of Rajasthan. Deeg is mostly known for its Deeg Palace, which is also called as Jal Mahal, is a very old palace built back in 1722. This beautiful architectural building is located just a 34 km away from Bharatpur city centre. It is said that the royal family of Bharatpur lived here in this palace until 1951.  Still, inside the palace, you would be able to see different furniture, paintings and equipments used by the royal family. As these furniture and equipments are not taken that much care of, they seem more real and antique.
Deeg palace Bharatpur (Image Reference)
The Palace has a total area of 80 acres where along with the building, there are a beautiful garden and a palace side pool. The palace looks stunning in the pool water. Sometimes because of the architectural beauty of Deeg Palace, this is called the second best beautiful building in India only after renowned Taj Mahal of Agra. As Bharatpur is a city close to Agra, people visiting Agra frequently visit this beautiful palace. The palace is open for everyone from 9am to 5pm every day except Fridays.

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