Friday, August 9, 2013

Top Things To Do In Delhi

Shopping and Dining

Delhi is a shopping center for goods from all over India, making it the best place to stock up on gifts and souvenirs. Bargaining is often appropriate and almost mandatory. A good rule of thumb: when the price is written down, it's probably fixed. When you have to inquire about the price, it's negotiable. With its multitude of shopping malls, market complexes, gardens, restaurants, and eateries, New Delhi offers a vibrant and enchanting shopping and dining experience.
Shopping and Dining in Delhi (Image Reference)

You can enjoy the unique delight of the roadside eateries in Palika Bazar and Janapath road, or go to the well-known restaurants like Pizza Hut and MacDonald's. Most shops are open six days a week, as each neighborhood's market area closes one day a week, usually Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday. Most shops in Old Delhi are closed on Sunday.

 Delhi Nightlife

Delhi Nightlife (Image Reference)
Delhi's nightlife is in a constant state of flux. Though it doesn't rival more exciting towns such as Mumbai or Bangalore, it seems as if a new lounge opens here every week. That said, the city's somewhat stodgy reputation is still partly deserved: bars still shut by midnight and many nightclubs close not much later. Those in search of late-night dancing and drinking sometimes head for the suburbs: watering holes and dance floors.
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Parks and Gardens in Delhi

Delhi has very popular gardens located in it. Few of the names are Mughal Garden, Garden of Five Senses, Kalindi Kunj and many more.

  • The Mughal Garden resided in President House is very popular. It only opens 30 days in a year (from February to March).
  • Lodhi Garden is a peaceful park in the heart of New Delhi. Itis ideal for morning walks in the hot season and for afternoon strolls and picnics during the cooler months. 

  • Nehru Park is a large park in the New Delhi neighborhood of Chankayapuri, lying in the southwest.

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