Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Economy Hotels in Jaipur

Hotel Jas Vilas

Jas Vilas is a small economy hotel located on Sawai Jai Singh Highway, Banipark, Jaipur. This is just 15 km away from Jaipur Airport and only 2 km from bus stand and railway station. Jas Vilas was initially built by Rajyashree Singh and Mahendra for the purpose of their family use. But later on, they converted this 9 room small home into an international standard economy hotel. Customer’s satisfaction is their utmost priority. Rajyashree Singh and Mahendra themselves are always available and monitor day to day running of this beautiful Jas Vilas Hotel.
Hotel Jas Vilas Jaipur (Image Reference)

Unfortunately here is no bar facilities available. But you can expect all other facilities like fresh and delicious foods, swimming pool, same day laundry facility and quality services all with international standard.  Even you are allowed to take your foods both in dining room and poolside seating areas. Although all the services of Jas Vilas are of international standard, its pricing is really affordable for lower middle class families of India. Cost range per night is just $80-$150. The most you would like about this small economy hotel is its services and hospitality.

Arya Niwas Hotel

Arya Niwas is a two star economy class hotel situated at S. C. Road, Amber Tower, Jaipur. This is 13 km away from nearest airport and nearest bus stand and railway station is just 1km and 2km away respectively. This cheap but well located two star hotel has a total of 94 guest rooms with standard modern hotel amenities. 
Arya Niwas Hotel Jaipur (Image Reference)
Hotel Arya Niwas has been working with great reputation for the past 25 years. This is completely a family owned and managed hotel. People who are searching for quality accommodation within affordable price, Arya Niwas is the destination for them. When it comes to the quality of foods it serves and service it renders, this is really worth praising compared with the charge. You can stay and dine in Ayra Niwas as low as $30 a day at the same time you can find even better foods and services when you are ready to pay more. Most importantly the prices it charges are really reasonable. As more and more people are always searching for cheap hotels with international standard, Ayra Niwas is always crowded with tourist and visitors. May be you won’t have that outstanding days at Ayra Niwas, but you would hardly complain about anything of it as compared to the charges you pay.  

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