Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Jaipur Travelling Tips

Pink city Jaipur is a great place to spend some quality time. Jaipur has lots of historical places including forts, palaces, museums, architectural beauties. For your comfortable accommodations, it has hundreds of quality luxurious, heritage, deluxe, economy hotels and guest houses. So, you can pick the right one of your choice easily.
If you really want to check out everything, it should take about a month to complete all the tourist destinations in Jaipur. If you have tight schedule like 3-5 days trip in Jaipur, make sure you select top places to visit. Please check our other articles to know about top places to visit in Jaipur. The other way you can visit all the spots is to rush and to take a bird’s eye view of everything. But I’m sure you will have to come back to Jaipur again if you take a short trip. The stunning beautiful places of Jaipur will bring you back again.  
To make your trip to Jaipur more interesting and trouble free, make sure you have planned everything based on reliable information. Information on the web may or may not be true. So, make sure you call couple of travel agencies to confirm the information you have.
Better to decide which things to do and places to visit before you reach at Jaipur. Having travel insurance would ensure safety of your journey and stay on Jaipur. Take a tour guide if possible and affordable for you. Must check that your passport and visas are okay and with you all the time to avoid any unforeseen hassle. Always keep first aid medical instruments with you so that you can avoid any major health hazard. Check climate prediction for the area you are heading. If you follow all these, you can be certain if a great experience of visiting beautiful Rajasthan city of Jaipur.  

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