Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Top 3 Five Star Hotels in Jaipur

ITC Rajputana

ITC Rajputana is one of the largest five star deluxe hotels in Jaipur with a total of 218 guest rooms. This beautiful hotel is located just near Nr. Railway station, Jaipur. It has a 0.5 km distance from the railway station, the nearest bus stand is just 1km away, but from Jaipur International Airport it is about a 40 minutes driving distance (14 km away). The most noticeable attribute of ITC Rajputana is its specious rooms with traditional Indian furniture and decoration.  Standing in the balcony of your room with a cup of coffee will give you a divine feeling and you will feel completely relaxed and calm. Each and every arrangement in this five star hotel is to surprise its new customers. Large area, beautiful decoration with gorgeous lighting, friendly staff, availability of iconic cuisines of India, great maintenance of international standard room facilities are some of a lots of features of ITC Rajputana hotel. Another thing that is must to mention here, ITC Rajputana is very much child friendly. It has a number of arrangements for children. So, it’s a great family vacation destination too.
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ITC Rajputana, Jaipur (Image Reference)
When it comes to the cost of staying and dining in ITC Rajputana, it must be said as an international standard pricing. Compared with the services it renders, the prices are reasonable. It cost $270 and above to stay and dine in ITC Rajputana international hotel (according to your requirements).

Hotel Mansingh

Hotel Manisingh is a gorgeous looking 5 star hotel located at Sansar Chandra Road, Jaipur. This hotel is regarded as a perfect destination for business conferences and honeymoons. Hotel Mansingh is just 14 km away from Jaipur central Airport and just one km away from nearest bus and railway station. This stunning hotel offers all modern hotel amenities within an affordable price. It has a total of 100 residential rooms for customers. Shivir is its rooftop restaurant offering Traditional Rajasthani, Mughalai and other continental cuisines.   Ripples is another of its restaurants which offer 24 hour mini-meals, snacks, coffees etc.
Hotel Mansingh Jaipur (Image Reference)
It’s a big hotel and not that crowed and that is why this is a perfect place for honeymoon. Gorgeous swimming pool, elegant decoration and lighting, traditional Rajasthani music, great supporting staff are some of a lots of features of Hotel Mansingh. Compared to the service it provides, it really charge reasonable price. Its costs $150 and above per night which is really standard for a five star hotel. Hotel Mansingh is a great place to spend some quality time and enjoy your trip to Rajasthan.

Jaipur Palace

Hotel Jaipur Palace is situated at Tonk Road, Jaipur. This is an outstanding 5 star hotel having a total of 80 residential guest rooms all furnished with beautiful looking traditional Indian furniture. This is 7km away from Jaipur Airport and 4 km away from bus stand and railway station. This attractive five star hotel is keen to serve its clients with traditional Rajasthani hospitality along with all modern amenities.
Hotel Jaipur Palace (Image Reference)
Swagat, a restaurant of Jaipur palace hotel, is regarded as paradise for vegetarians. All cuisines at both the Jaipur palace’s restaurants; Mehak and Swagat are prepared by master chefs. At Mehak, You would find Traditional Rajasthani, other Indian, Chinese, and other continental cuisines.
When it comes to cost of staying and dining in this five star hotel, it is very much cheap. It costs $60 and above per night to stay in this beautiful hotel.

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