Thursday, August 8, 2013

Guesthouse and Heritage Hotels in Kochi

Heritage Hotel Kochi

Heritage hotel is located on Wellington Island and allows visitors to have a perfect view of the Cochin harbor. The hotel is modern and stylish and all the rooms have a very fine d├ęcor and are suitable for leisure and for all travelers. 
Heritage Hotel Kochi (Image Reference)
The hotel is located a few minutes’ drive from the Kochi business centre and provides an ambient environment and atmosphere for all leisure activities. At this facility, there is a spa, a splash and a pool which can keep you busy when you are idle. It also has a fitness center where you can escape to and unwind.  The reason that should make you choose this hotel is that it is strategically located to attractive centers in Kochi including the Jain temple, Mattancherry Palace, Santa Cruz Cathedral Durbar Hall Gallery and Art Gallery. If you want to enjoy a sail on back water, such request can be granted by the management of this hotel after you place tells them of your desire to do so.
The amenities available at this facility include a spa tub, grocery shop, a TV lobby and a barbecue grill. All the rooms are a wireless internet access though this shall be surcharged on usage. Provided also is a free parking space for all visitors who have booked themselves in this facility.

Kochi Costa Gama Hotel

Hotel Costa Gama is located Thamaraparambu Road, kochi. This is actually a very small guesthouse with a total of 6 guest rooms. This is regarded as home to the fort Kochi visitors as it is just two blocks away from beautiful Fort Kochi.

Kochi Costa Gama Hotel (Image Reference)

Costa Gama is one of the few hotels in Kochi that is vibrant and exotic. It is 30 minutes drive away from the airport and is a few kilometers away from a railway station.
It boasts of serene hospitality and an ambience that is natural and makes you feel at home. It is among the most preferred destinations because of the old culture of the area. It attracts a pool of tourists because it is ideal given its proximity to the city center. The rooms are fitted with double beds as well as single beds depending on your desire and wishes. The bathrooms are fitted with EU based accessories with the rooms fitted with insect proof windows to keep the insects at bay for your comfort ability. At this facility, you will get English speaking hosts who will  assist you at this three star hotel Among the services you will definitely enjoy at this facility includes 24 hour reception a travel desk which will respond to most of your queries  and air conditioning  services. For riders, there are bicycle for hire and ample parking space for all visitors. There is high speed internet connectivity, Wi Fi services and housekeeping. At this facility, you will also enjoy housekeeping services and many more.
It takes $25 and up per night to stay in this small guest house. Check in time is at 12.00 pm and check out time is 11.00 am.

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