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Top Places to Visit in Kochi

St Francis Church

This is one of the oldest churches that were built by the Portuguese way back in 1503. The masonry work and the tomb in which Vasco Da Gama was laid to rest .This tomb remains monumental. The Doop book which served as a marriage register and a baptism book are kept here and draw the attention of most visitors to this coastal town.

Chinese Fishing Nets

These form the entrance of Kochi harbor and were introduced by the traders from the court of king Kublai Khan of china.  The nets are very crucial during the high tides and are spectacularly operated by four men. The nets are crowd pullers because the only other place you can get such beautiful nets is in China.

Chinese Fishing nets in Kochi (Image Reference)

Forts, Palaces, Museums and Temples

Fort Kochi still ranks high as one of the tourist attractions in this part of the city because of its history and old architectural buildings including, Santa Cruz Basilica and Mattancherry palace. Santa Cruz Cathedral Basilica is one of the beauties of Kochi build by the Portuguese and was elevated to a cathedral by Pope Paul IV way back in 1558. It is a magnificent building which is a great tourist attraction in Kochi.  Mattancherry palace is popularly referred to as Dutch palace. It boasts of historical Hindu temples including the one that was preserved for Pazhayannur Bhagavati who is a god that is believed to protect the royal family of Kochi.  The other temples that are located besides the palace are those that were dedicated to Lord Krishna and the famous lord Siva.
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If you prefer visiting archeological sites, Hill palace should be your next stop since it is the largest archaeological museum in Kerala. The hill palace which was constructed way back in 1865 boasts of archaeological and traditional buildings that are awesome. In this complex, there is an archaeological Museum, a Deer Park, a pre-historical park and a park for children. Thus, it is one of the few places you would love to visit in Kochi.
Forts in Kochi (Image Reference)
The other tourist attraction that you must visit once you land in Kochi is the Jewish synagogue which apparently is the oldest synagogue built way back in 1568. It is used by the Cochin Jews for worshiping. It is built adjacent to Mattancherry Palace temple which they share a common wall. When visitors and tourists visit Kochi, they go to the synagogue for prayers.
The scenic island of Bolgatty is a palace which is rated high among the oldest Dutch palace situated outside Holland. The palace was constructed by the Dutch traders’ way back in 1774 and served as a home for the British Governors when India was under British rule. It is a heritage hotel resort. One of the reasons that makes this former palace a must visit destination includes the ancient Dutch architectural designs and green gardens that are beautifully landscaped.
Other than the temples there is an ultra modern Jawaharlal Stadium which is was meant to be a soccer stadium and has an ability of holding up to 60,000 spectators. This stadium was constructed in 1996 and has hosted a number of international cricket matches. The stadium architectural is unique especially when compared to other stadia in India.
If you prefer touring places on yachts, Kochi International Marina is one of the few stops for yachts which is attached to the Bolgatty Palace Hotel.  Other must visit places includes Willingdon Island which was named after a British Viceroy seconded to India. The island boasts of the best hotels and is preferred by revelers to Kochi.
For cultural entertainment, one is free to visit Museum of kerala which boasts of sculptures and attractive statues.  After this, one can head straight to Athirappily falls which is 90 m long and is located on Chalakudy River which empties its content in the Arabian Sea. At the falls, you would love the way the water battles it out with the rocks and the way it plumates and cascades down before it calms down only to meander around the corners as if nothing happened.
If you like swimming and you are planning to tour Kochi, it is important that you put Cherai Beach on your schedule. The beach is only 10 minutes drive from Kochi city and boasts of 15 km stretch of a golden beach which is shallow enough and allows newbie and experienced swimmers to enjoy themselves at this beach. For pilgrims, it is a must that they visit Kalady which is apparently one of the pilgrim centers where Sri Adi Sankara who was a great philosopher cum saint was born and where he preached Advaita and monastic philosophy.
If you like birds, Kochi city offers you an opportunity to see a variety of birds and animals at a time. At Bhoothathankettu dam, the variety of birds that can be seen. Similarly, the dam is a home to a number of animals making it one of the few dams frequented and visited by tourists.

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