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Things to do in Kochi (Entertainment in Kochi)

You cannot be able to finish sampling the best of Kochi within a short time since kochi has an endless list of activities that are available to visitors and range from theme parks, water sports to exhibitions. There are other out sports activities which make this city attractive and hence a preference of many visitors. They include beautiful forests, mineral springs and beaches.
Kochi is a lively city with all types of entertainment you can think of.  There are theaters, bars and other facilities that will offer you a number of entertainment options. Kerala Kathakali Center is one of the few places that specializes in performances and can be a very good place to go to instead of spending a lonely night in a hotel. There are live performances and recorded performances which you can enjoy.  Alternatively, if you want to see professionals in action, Ens Kalari is a must visit place when you are in Kochi. A few kilometers away is the India foundation that avails lots of entertainment including live performances that will certainly keep you entertained all through. Heritage arts can be chosen if you are an ardent follower of Indian local artists. The place is unique with a gallery that allows for actors to enjoy themselves as they keep you entertained. 
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 For music lovers, a visit to the Cochin –formula 1 can be fulfilling and thrilling. This is the only place where the masses are fully entertained with the latest music, be it in-house or progressive house music.  If you love martial arts, Cochin remains in the books of history as one of the world’s old places where martial arts were developed and thus you can learn a lot from here.  The monks who lived in this palace were known to have practiced martial art and up to this day the martial art are still being practiced in this region.  Other thing that are performed in Cochin and which are certain to keep you entertained includes puppet shows, storytelling and dance.
One of the reasons that make Cochin a holiday destination of choice to most people is its diverse activities including beautiful beaches and cultural performances that are considered thrilling. You can choose venture out for beautiful performances or stay indoors and enjoy thrilling performances on TV.
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Kathakali remains one of the performance art that has remained fascinating with dance and storytelling that has thrilled the residents and the visitors of Kochi for many years. The dance features costumes and movement of the body that is highly regulated.  In this dance, the traditional music is highly featured and one has an option of choosing the tourist performances which are normally staged at Kerala Kathakali or opt for the unabridged versions that are normally held in the local temples.
Kalaripayattu is among the most popular martial arts centre which has been used as a defense art center for a very long time. It is the older version of Kungfu and karate and is very popular with tourists who visit Cochin. These types of arts are normally performed in cultural venues.
Yakshagana Bombeyattu ; it is one of the Cochins fascinating show that attracts visitors from all walks of life because it ingeniously entail the manipulation of puppets and is normally staged in theaters and various entertainment centers in the city.  There are details of the upcoming performances which are regularly provided to tour agencies for planning purposes.
Veega Land: This is the theme park located on the outskirt of India water based them park and which occupies a massive 30 acres of land. It is very popular with the domestic tourists though it is equally visited by the international tourists. On this park, you can make several rides that are thrilling and fascinating. It is a very wonderful site if you are a family person and you can plan to take your family out for sightseeing.
Water sports: There are numerous beaches and water sports facilities in the city of Kochi. Cochin beach is the most famous beach with others like Cherai Beach and Padinharekara Beach attracting a sizable number of tourists in this city.  The Beaches are complimented by the Arabian Sea that allows for windsurfing and sailing to tourist who derives more fun from these two activities. These beaches are easily accessible and one can easily hire a car to move him/her to other beaches in this region.
If you are looking for a party state, Kerala is known for its reputation of being one of the Indians states where parting takes place all night through. In this city, there are sunset cocktails that will keep you entertained and thrilled throughout the night. There are night clubs and bars that come live at the suns set.  For those who prefer lounging, ultra hip lounges and a number of clubs at Wellingdon Island are available.

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