Saturday, August 10, 2013

Things to do in Bharatpur

Being renowned for its wildlife in Keoladeo National park, Bharatpur is well suited for activities that are related to watching birds and animals. You have several options to do and enjoy yourself here in Bharatpur. Following are the descriptions of things you can do to enjoy yourself in Bharatpur:

Bicycle Ride

Being home of more than 230 species of rare and beautiful birds, Keoladeo National Park is a must visit places in Bharatpur and the best way of spending your time in this national park is to go for a bicycle ride. Bicycles are readily available in the sanctuary and you can very easily rent one from there. This would allow you to watch birds and animals of the park much more comfortably and in your own way. Be sure that your bicycle ride in the Keoladeo National Park would be a different and memorable one.
Bicycle Ride in Bharatpur (Image Reference)
This is another way to enjoy the wilderness of Bharatpur. There is an artificial lake created around the Keoladeo National Park and you can easily rent a boat and paddle it into the bird’s paradise. The lake seems to be one of the loved places of birds as huge number of birds gather on the lake water, thus, it makes boating in the lake an ideal way of watching the birds going as close to them as possible.
Boating in Bharatpur (Image Reference)


Bharatpur is not an ideal place for shopping. But if you always like shopping things and keep them as souvenir, you would find plenty of small items to make your journey to Bharatpur a memorable one. Again you can collect some pictures and paintings from the historical sites like Lohagarh Fort.

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